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VirtuSense Insights: Assisted Living

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Gait Quality: Reaching Functional Independence in Older Adults

Ever wonder why elderly people tend to fall more? How can a person's mobility impact their quality of life? As physical therapists, these are questions we try to answer for our..

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The Lifecycle of Senior Living: An Ecosystem of Care

With VSTAlert’s new senior living functionality, VirtuSense has created fall prevention that extends to all stages of senior care. By blending the long-term effects of VSTBalance..

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VSTAlert Features Tools to Manage Your Team

Having clear communication and collaboration with your team is vital for successful fall prevention in Senior Living, but it is challenging to keep teams aligned across different..

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Changing Fall Prevention in Senior Living

Historically, fall prevention has been managed through risk reduction, reviewing past falls in team huddles, and putting more pressure on care teams to be everywhere at once. But..

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Why Do Residents Fall in Senior Living? The Three Core Causes.

Fall prevention for older adults is rarely a one-solution problem because no single factor causes falls. Falls can be caused by several factors that often intersect with each..

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Quality of Senior Living Has Improved Over the Last 10 Years

According to a recent report by the American Health Care Association (AHCA) and the National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL), senior living communities were providing better..

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How Does AI Elevate Long-Term Care Communities?

Long-term care is the marathon to acute care’s hundred-meter dash. Giving your team the right tools to provide top-tier care 24/7 is vital to maintaining a safe, healthy, and..

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Four Ways to Celebrate National Family Caregiver Month

Did you know that November is National Family Caregiver (NFC) Month? According to, “President Clinton signed the first NFC Month Presidential Proclamation in..

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Dealing With the Aftermath of a Fall

Falls among seniors in hospitals and long-term care are devastating, both physically and emotionally for the victims and the staff caring for them. In the critical moments after a..

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