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Population Health Management With AI

AI that Assists
Primary Care Physicians

AI in healthcare can identify older adults at risk for falls in under 90 seconds and create a clinical care fall prevention plan to reduce their risk of falling in the next 12 months using evidence-based testing and clinical strategies.



Streamline Annual Wellness Visits

  • A medical assistant can screen patients in less than two minutes.
  • Reports are auto-generated, providing PCPs objective data to create more effective care plans.
  • Medical information is updated directly into patient EMRs for easy access.  

A New Perspective on Primary Care

Easily integrate VSTBalance assessments into annual wellness visits to create more effective care plans and route your patients to personalized home exercises, wellness, and/or therapy. 


“VSTBalance uses infrared measurements in real time that provide a standard that can’t be duplicated from just a visual assessment.”

Dr. Andrea DeLeo
DO, MSE Movement Disorders Neurologist | Community Healthcare System | Munster, Indiana

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