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Reclaim Your Time With AI

AI that Assists
Primary Care Physicians

Time is a primary care physician's most limited resource. Making sure patients get the time they need, while also getting the data to treat them, is vital to keeping a practice running smoothly.  

A 2-minute fall-risk assessment with VSTBalance maximizes your face-to-face time with patients, while treating them proactively and affordably. The solution provides actionable data for care plans, tracks patient progress, and supports patients in their wellness journey between visits.  



VSTBalance Takes Paperwork Out of Patient Visits

  • A medical assistant can screen patients in less than two minutes 
  • Immediate reports provide objective data for the most effective care plans  
  • Hard data and progress reporting supports prescribed therapy and wellness  
  • Medical information is updated directly into patient EMRs for easy access 
  • Patients have prescribed exercises available 24/7 with the VSTWell app  

Proactive Technology for a Proactive Practice

VSTBalance allows you to prevent falls before invasive treatments are needed and can detect fall risk up to a year in advance


“VSTBalance uses infrared measurements in real time that provide a standard that can’t be duplicated from just a visual assessment.”

Dr. Andrea DeLeo
DO, MSE Movement Disorders Neurologist | Community Healthcare System | Munster, Indiana

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