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Safety at Every Level

AI that Assists

Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps residents age in place gracefully. An integrated ecosystem of long- and short-term fall prevention ensures that residents are protected through independent living, assisted living, injury recovery, and skilled nursing care. Long-term fall-risk assessments catch balance and function weaknesses early to improve resident mobility by 85%. For residents with higher risk, 24/7 fall prevention ensures that your team is there—before they’re unsteady on their feet.  


Fall Prevention is Proactive.

Keep residents safe across the continuum of care.

Follow Joseph’s journey through aging, illness, and recovery to see how the VirtuSense ecosystem keeps him safe along the way.  


Image of VSTBalance at Larksfield Place

Your Whole Population, Protected Holistically   

  • Conduct routine evaluations to identify fall risk for low-, medium-, and high-risk residents 
  • Create more effective care plans and give residents personalized exercises, wellness, and therapy  
  • Predict and prevent falls for those most at risk  


Maximum Fall Reduction with Minimum Coverage

With VirtuSense, you don’t need a device in every resident room. Covering only 35% of resident beds can achieve an 82% reduction in falls. 

“As a therapist it’s amazing how we can find out so much data in less than two minutes. Whereas before we did the same tests, it was all with line of sight. VSTBalance captures precise measurements that I can’t see, in a very short amount of time.”

Courtney Lilley | PTA at Menno Haven, Brookview, PA

“VSTBalance gives us the ability to screen our residents and prescribe them a wellness program to prevent a future fall, which allows us to keep them in the lowest level of care for as long as possible.”

Carmen Fronczak | Chief Strategy Officer at Friendship Village, St. Louis

“If we were to physically measure someone’s gait speed, we had to set up an area in the gym and we had to have timers, which leaves a lot of room for human error. VSTBalance eliminates that.”

Rebecca Royle | Physical Therapist at Brookestone Gardens, Kearney, Nebraska

Why is VSTBalance important?

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Group 249

80% Reduction in Falls at Larksfield Place with VSTBalance & VSTAlert