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Safer Hospitals with VSTOne

AI that Assists
in Proactively Identifying Falls

In today's fast-paced hospital environment, manual processes can no longer keep up with the demands of efficient and effective patient care and with blended nursing models becoming standard, VSTOne is the smart automation hub vital for patient care. VSTOne serves as the heart of the hospital, providing a one-stop platform to assist the entire nursing team in their day-to-day duties. With VSTOne, help is just a command away. 

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Meet VSTOne

VSTOne is a groundbreaking virtual assistant designed to enhance patient care within hospital rooms. Unlike bulky and intrusive devices, VSTOne seamlessly integrates into the patient's environment, monitoring for safety, tracking vitals, and connecting them with virtual nurses and specialists. Additionally, the VSTOne efficiently collects and stores vital data for comprehensive reporting and analytics. By consolidating multiple functions into a single device, VSTOne streamlines and optimizes hospital room operations, making them more efficient and effective. 

Today with VSTOne

AI and Digital Care in Hospitals: VSTOne in Action

VSTOne uses machine vision, privacy-forward LIDAR sensors, and a multidimensional approach to supply hospitals with tools that empower their nursing teams and connect their resources. 

Three hospital sites share their incredible results with VSTOne's LIDAR-powered patient monitoring. 



Can VSTOne integrate with EHR/Nurse call systems?

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