The “One” Solution for

AI that Assists
Doctors and Nurses

VSTOne leverages artificial intelligence to support your clinical staff and prevent adverse health events. Real-time monitoring and alerting gives your staff the ability to focus on quality care without the busy work.


Keep Patients Safe with AI 

  • Proactively identify bed and chair exits before a fall occurs and reduce patient falls by up to 85%.
  • Untethered vitals monitoring provides continuous support and rapid alerting.
  • A single device using WiFi simplifies workflows and keeps overhead low. 


When a patient attempts to exit their bed, VSTOne immediately sends an alert to nurses and techs, while simultaneously asking the patient to wait for a team member to help them.


Eliminate the Inefficiencies of Going Room-to-Room

Virtual Rounding with Telemetry and Telehealth

VSTOne enables physicians, specialists, and clinicians to initiative two-way video calls using the TV already in the patient’s room without the help of a nurse. The automated app allows them to pan, zoom, and tilt the camera for virtual check-ups. This telehealth solution is also available for family members so they can connect with their loved ones.

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How does it work?

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Fall Prevention in Hospitals using AI and Lidar

Fall Prevention in Hospitals Using AI and Lidar