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The Best Care for Our Veterans

VirtuSense provides solutions that comply with VA guidelines.

These solutions deliver all the benefits of our standard VirtuSense solutions while fitting specific VA guidelines for hospital tech. This prioritizes patient safety, security, and wellbeing.


A Guardian for the Hospital Room

VSTSentry is a single solution for patient safety, monitoring, and automation in VA-affiliated acute care environments. Based on our VSTOne solution, VSTSentry has advanced software that allows it to monitor patients autonomously to prevent falls. The system uses AI computing and privacy-maintaining LIDAR sensors to monitor the patient room. 

VSTSentry's hardware is specially designed to work with VA guidelines. It has a simple touchscreen user interface, so teams can get up and running quickly. What's more, this solution is designed to be off-network to maintain security at Veteran hospitals. 

AI-Powered Fall Prevention 

VSTSentry's Depth Sensor monitoring allows your team to get ahead of falls. Our highly-trained AI looks for indications that a patient will try to exit their bed and alerts your nurses 35-61 seconds before an event can occur. Sites using VirtuSense products for fall prevention often see over 50% reduction in falls

Because VSTSentry uses advanced computing, it reduces false alarms by 95% compared to traditional pressure alarms. 

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0 Falls with Injury & 60% reduction in Falls. 

Read how VirtuSense partnered with healthcare providers across the US to reduce falls, falls with injury, and costs. 


Mobility Anywhere

VSTBalance Trek makes conducting balance and gait assessments easy, no matter where your team is. Instead of traditional gait assessments that take significant time and space to set up, VSTBalance Trek brings fast and easy assessments anywhere.

Designed with Veterans in mind, this platform is easy to travel with throughout a VA campus or even to home health appointments. All assessments can be completed without an internet connection, making security simple. 

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Mobility Improvement in Residents


Users on VSTBalance Trek


Reduction in falls in Skilled Nursing

Look Inside VSTBalance Trek

AI for Gait Assessments

VSTBalance Trek harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and machine vision to accurately pinpoint issues in balance, walking patterns, and overall functionality—the top three factors that indicate a risk of falling. This technology eliminates the inconsistency often found in human evaluations.

During standard assessments, the solution's advanced sensors meticulously track every tiny movement of the patient, down to the millimeter, ensuring highly precise data collection. It also simplifies the setup process and handles all measurements, freeing up clinicians to concentrate fully on caring for their patients.



VSTBalance at Friendship Village Sunset Hills

Learn how VSTBalance enabled a resident to "Live Life Well" and return to his beloved hobby.

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