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VirtuSense Insights

Informative content for healthcare professionals covering topics ranging from fall prevention to telehealth to remote patient monitoring.

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How AI is Revolutionizing Post-Acute Care

Artificial intelligence plays a transformative role in post-acute care. The use of AI improves the process of analyzing patient data, facilitates telehealth, and provides..

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AI Helps to Improve Telehealth Patient Care

The exponential increase in the demand for care has made it crucial for the healthcare industry to have access to technology to improve patient care. The use of artificial..

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Real-Time Location Services: The Next Tool for Hospitals?

Article edited by Rose Watson. Hospitals are hunting for new ways to boost efficiency on their floors. Among new communications platforms, reporting software, and AI tools,..

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Fall Prevention and Analysis Together—Not One Or The Other

Falls are a major concern for many older adults, not only because of the risks of physical injury, but also due to the potential impact on their independence and quality of life...

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8 Client Accomplishments in 2022 with VirtuSense 

A partnership with VirtuSense means more than just innovative fall prevention. This year, many of our clients have been recognized in the industry for their innovative approach to..

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