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VirtuSense Insights: Fall Prevention in Hospitals

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On the Offensive

Trying to Prevent Patient Falls, Tennessee Hospital Association Partners with AI Company  

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Is AI Fall Prevention Taking Over Telesitting?

As technology has become more and more entrenched in the medical world, telesitters have become a go-to solution for hospitals trying to reduce falls without the cost of in-person..

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Fall Technology: Preventing Falls with Tech in Acute Care

Understanding the needs of your at-risk community and having the right fall prevention technology in place is vital to keeping people safe, no matter what level of care they..

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Start 2022 with AI in your Healthcare Tools

It’s officially 2022! While we start a new year with new goals, it’s the perfect time to launch upgraded technology systems for your healthcare community. Artificial..

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How Does VirtuSense Technology Elevate Acute Care?

When it comes to hospital settings, primary diagnosis is never the only risk a patient is facing. Trauma, time, and treatment impact a patient’s recovery and increase their..

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AI Can Boost Your Hospital Patient Score

Customer surveys are the best way to gain meaningful insights into your company's products and services. People who take the time to fill out surveys usually have very strong..

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VSTOne is AI that Assists

VirtuSense Technologies (VST) accelerates predictive insights allowing physicians, caregivers, and families to be proactive and patient-centric through an ecosystem of artificial..

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