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VirtuSense Insights: HIPAA

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Changing Fall Prevention in Senior Living

Historically, fall prevention has been managed through risk reduction, reviewing past falls in team huddles, and putting more pressure on care teams to be everywhere at once. But..

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Risky Business: Video Surveillance in LTPAC

When looking at senior living communities, safety is a factor that should not be ignored. So much so that many communities have placed cameras throughout their community to..

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Safety or Surveillance: Cameras in LTPAC

The pursuit of increased safety in senior living and LTPAC communities has driven more resident monitoring solutions, especially video monitoring, into resident rooms.

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Sensor AI vs. Camera AI: What’s the Best Fall Prevention?

The need for reliable fall prevention in long-term care has sprouted many solutions, from physical devices like bed rails, panic buttons, and pressure pads, to entire systems..

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12 Days of VirtuSense: 12 Ways VirtuSense Can Benefit Your Company

The season of giving is upon us, and sometimes the most important gift is something practical. VirtuSense Technologies specializes in solutions that relieve stress from a busy..

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HIPAA Compliance and Cyber Security

HIPAA Compliant vs HIPAA Convenient Many telehealth companies are claiming to be HIPAA compliant and some of them are. However, some of these technologies and the manner in which..

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