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VirtuSense Insights: Skilled Nursing

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Why Do Residents Fall in Senior Living? The Three Core Causes.

Fall prevention for older adults is rarely a one-solution problem because no single factor causes falls. Falls can be caused by several factors that often intersect with each..

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Safety or Surveillance: Cameras in LTPAC

  The pursuit of increased safety in senior living and LTPAC communities has driven more resident monitoring solutions, especially video monitoring, into resident rooms.   

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How Remote Patient Monitoring Supports Skilled Nursing Teams

Nurses are under more pressure than ever to handle an ever-increasing workload in long-term care and skilled nursing communities across the country. With the nursing shortage..

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How Does AI Elevate Long-Term Care Communities?

Long-term care is the marathon to acute care’s hundred-meter dash. Giving your team the right tools to provide top-tier care 24/7 is vital to maintaining a safe, healthy, and..

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Money Matters: Reducing Insurance Claims with Artificial Intelligence

Managing a long-term care community comes with a host of challenges—from administrative and logistical details to the serious work of providing peak care around the clock. Along..

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UMC Wins Silver for Innovator of the Year

Congratulations to United Methodist Communities (UMC), Silver Award winner of the McKnight’s Technology Award in the Innovator of the Year category for successfully  reducing..

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Costs of Long-Term Care Increasing

The cost of care for older adults has been steadily increasing for years, but the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic has triggered a greater cost increase in 2020. The 2020 Genworth..

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