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VirtuSense Insights: Telehealth

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AI Helps to Improve Telehealth Patient Care

The exponential increase in the demand for care has made it crucial for the healthcare industry to have access to technology to improve patient care. The use of artificial..

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On the Offensive

Trying to Prevent Patient Falls, Tennessee Hospital Association Partners with AI Company

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Start 2022 with AI in your Healthcare Tools

It’s officially 2022! While we start a new year with new goals, it’s the perfect time to launch upgraded technology systems for your healthcare community. Artificial intelligence..

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How Does VirtuSense Technology Elevate Acute Care?

When it comes to hospital settings, primary diagnosis is never the only risk a patient is facing. Trauma, time, and treatment impact a patient’s recovery and increase their..

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Driving Forces for Virtual Care

The healthcare innovation landscape has finally matured to the point where virtual care innovations are being met with enthusiasm across a wide array of stakeholder groups who are..

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A New Healthcare Delivery Model With AI & RPM

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed significant weaknesses in our healthcare system today. Increased patient volumes stressing staffing capacity, increased caregiver exposure, and..

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Younger Generations Weigh In On Their Parents’ Medicare Coverage

According to a recent national survey, 4 in 10 respondents have recently discussed their parents Medicare coverage. Of those, a whopping 74% have encouraged..

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Top Medical Groups Advocate for Telehealth Beyond Pandemic

The COVID-19 Telehealth Impact Study Work Group of the COVID-19 Healthcare Coalition* surveyed nearly 1,600 physicians and qualified healthcare professionals in the U.S. to..

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Impact of Social Isolation on Older Adults during COVID-19

As humans, we are by nature social creatures. Enter a global pandemic, and our entire worlds have been turned upside down. Nearly two-thirds of Americans are working from home,..

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