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VirtuSense Insights: Staffing Shortages

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Stopping the Nursing Burnout Cycle with AI

Sustainable staffing is the topic of the hour for most healthcare organizations, particularly for nursing teams. Without replacement levels of new nursing graduates and a mass..

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Surveying Fall Prevention Innovation: Fall Prevention Week 2022

This National Fall Prevention Awareness Week, we wanted to hear from the acute healthcare community on fall prevention trends. After the results were tallied, it’s clear to say..

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VSTAlert Features Tools to Manage Your Team

Having clear communication and collaboration with your team is vital for successful fall prevention in Senior Living, but it is challenging to keep teams aligned across different..

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How Remote Patient Monitoring Supports Skilled Nursing Teams

Nurses are under more pressure than ever to handle an ever-increasing workload in long-term care and skilled nursing communities across the country. With the nursing shortage..

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The Telenursing Revolution: Bringing Specialized Nursing to All

There are rarely one-size-fits-all solutions in the medical industry. Specificity is often the key to optimal care, and nurse specialization is an important factor in achieving..

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The Telenursing Revolution: Starting a New Nursing Gig Economy

Becker’s Hospital Review reported in October of 2021 that 18% of healthcare workers quit their job during the pandemic and 79% stated that the worker’s shortage has impacted their..

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The Telenursing Revolution: Virtual Mentoring for New Nurses

Today's nursing shortage is becoming an ongoing struggle across the nation. Patient-to-nurse ratios  are at all-time highs, with some hospitals reporting nursing staff shortages..

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12 Days of VirtuSense: 12 Ways VirtuSense Can Benefit Your Company

The season of giving is upon us, and sometimes the most important gift is something practical. VirtuSense Technologies specializes in solutions that relieve stress from a busy..

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AI Can Lessen the Burden for LTC Admins & Nurses

McKnight’s recently released its 2021 Mood of the Market survey results, which polled 627 long-term care administrators and nurse managers on the state of their profession. Not..

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