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VSTAlert Features Tools to Manage Your Team

Rose Watson May 18, 2022 11:00:00 AM
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Having clear communication and collaboration with your team is vital for successful fall prevention in Senior Living, but it is challenging to keep teams aligned across different shifts. Even with advanced artificial intelligence tools handling monitoring, a care team’s response to an alert is the second half of stopping a fall. VSTAlert for Senior Living has built-in management and escalation tools that help you review, update, and coordinate your team to keep your residents protected.

Tools That Simplify Team Management  

VSTAlert features an analytics dashboard that makes it simple to review your fall prevention strategy. The solution keeps records of each alert that your community has, as well as your team’s response to alerts. Report on alert volumes over time, view who on your team might need more support, and determine how different shifts are responding to alerts with just a few clicks. In a data-driven healthcare world, insights like these allow managers to:  

  • Support specific team members who are struggling with their workload  
  • Validate staffing needs and value-add to executives  
  • Track prevented falls for community-wide safety metrics  
  • Establish best practices across shifts
  • Track device utilization  

VSTAlert also has a dedicated Escalations app for clinical supervisors. This tool ensures that supervisors know the status of any alert in real time and if an alert needs immediate attention. The escalations app provides visibility on a care team’s response time to alerts, so standards of care can be met and exceeded with instant feedback. Supervisors can also check the status of sensors directly from their device to ensure that room sensors are active and being utilized around the clock.  

How Does VSTAlert Work?  

VSTAlert for Senior Living provides monitoring and alerting in two modes: fall detection for low-risk residents and fall prevention for high-risk residents. The solution uses LIDAR sensors with artificial intelligence in resident rooms to detect falls or bed/chair exits and alert staff in time to help.  

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