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VirtuSense Insights: Bedside Falls

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The Lifecycle of Senior Living: An Ecosystem of Care

With VSTAlert’s new senior living functionality, VirtuSense has created fall prevention that extends to all stages of senior care. By blending the long-term effects of VSTBalance..

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Changing Fall Prevention in Senior Living

Historically, fall prevention has been managed through risk reduction, reviewing past falls in team huddles, and putting more pressure on care teams to be everywhere at once. But..

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On the Offensive

Trying to Prevent Patient Falls, Tennessee Hospital Association Partners with AI Company

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Dealing With the Aftermath of a Fall

Falls among seniors in hospitals and long-term care are devastating, both physically and emotionally for the victims and the staff caring for them. In the critical moments after a..

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Who is Impacted by Bedside Falls?

Bedside falls happen everywhere, but no matter where they happen, they impact not only the patient, but all involved. A fall isn’t just a physical incident. It affects everyone in..

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Live Video vs. Telehealth — What’s the Difference?

When you hear “Telehealth” it invokes an image of a doctor and patient talking back and forth on a video chat; something like Facetime or Zoom as if Live Video was the only thing..

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