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VirtuSense Insights: VSTBalance

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8 Client Accomplishments in 2022 with VirtuSense 

A partnership with VirtuSense means more than just innovative fall prevention. This year, many of our clients have been recognized in the industry for their innovative approach to..

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Early Decision-Making in Therapy with VSTBalance

Physical therapy decisions are driven by data points. Each new data point brings a therapist closer to their patient's diagnosis, but the question is—how many data points does a..

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VirtuSense Partners with K&B Underwriters

We are excited to announce a new partnership between VirtuSense Technologies and K&B Underwriters. On September 1st, 2022, K&B launched their new CareAgents program for post-acute..

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VSTBalance: Through the Eyes of a Therapist

What do therapists think about VirtuSense’s fall-risk assessment solution, VSTBalance? Some accept this innovative technology with open arms, while others are hesitant. Why is..

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Client Spotlight: Carolina Meadows Uses VSTBalance to Reduce Fall-risk

Carolina Meadows is a non-profit CCRC located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Listen to the podcast below as Michelle Marino, Wellness Coordinator, speaks on many of the engaging..

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5 Times Sit-to-Stand: A Predictor for Fall Risk

The Five Time Sit-to-Stand Test or 5XSTS is a geriatric standardized testing tool developed to assess specific sit-to-stand transfers and lower extremity strength. It has the..

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Clinical Significance of the TUG Assessment

TUG or Timed Up and Go is a standardized screening tool designed to measure the mobility and fall risk of older adults. It was originally introduced as the “get up and go” in 1986..

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Gait Analysis: Why is Step Length Important?

In part one, we defined cadence and gait speed and how they impact falls. While these two variables have a high impact on fall risk, there are other variables that can be assessed..

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