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VirtuSense Insights: VSTBalance

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What is Fall Risk?

When we ask, “what is fallrisk,” we are asking how likely a person is to experience a fall.Everyone has fallen at one time or another, but those with lower fallrisk are more able..

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Five Exercises to Keep Seniors Strong in Colder Months

Chilly weather may make everyone want to hibernate until spring, but winter can be especially hard on older adults. Older bodies are less efficient at producing heat, and..

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Start 2022 with AI in your Healthcare Tools

It’s officially 2022! While we start a new year with new goals, it’s the perfect time to launch upgraded technology systems for your healthcare community. Artificial..

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“Squid Game” Christmas Tree Shows-Off AI Technology

During an office Christmas tree decorating contest, VirtuSense’s Engineers took their tree to the next level by programming an automated game of Red-Light, Green-Light as part of..

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How Can AI Technology Elevate GP and Physical Therapy Practices?

The best way to treat a fall is to stop it from happening in the first place. VirtuSense Technologies™ provides the number one fall prevention solution in the world by doing just..

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Exercise Decreases Fall Risk in Older Adults

According to BMC Geriatrics, nearly one-third of adults over the age of 65 fall each year. Out of this group, 22-45% of the total are injured and a tenth of the total are injured..

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Assessing Parkinson’s Patients with VSTBalance

  Community Healthcare System’s Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders program takes a multidisciplinary approach to help patients regain their quality of life. “We have a..

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