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VirtuSense Partners with K&B Underwriters

Adwika Narain Nov 23, 2022 6:52:12 PM
The CareAgents by K&B Underwriters and VirtuSense Technologies logos placed over a woman sitting in a medical bed

We are excited to announce a new partnership between VirtuSense Technologies and K&B Underwriters. On September 1st, 2022, K&B launched their new CareAgents program for post-acute organizations and their residents. This program allows loyal users of VirtuSense’s AI technology to not only reduce falls within their facilities, but also benefit from lower annual insurance costs and deductibles. making a financially sustainable and improved safety and quality metrics for all its users.

The CareAgents program supports the use of VirtuSense’s predictive AI technology such as the VSTBalance that focuses on long-term fall risk reduction through early detection and VSTAlert that provides immediate fall prevention through instant alerts for bed and chair exits. This cutting-edge technology is based on AI solutions, laser imaging, detection and ranging (LIDAR) sensors to detect a risk of a fall in post-acute care sites, senior living communities, skilled nursing communities, and rehab facilities. The scope of the program provides long-term risk reduction or fall prevention of senior bedridden adults by 75% and increases resident mobility by 85% in assisted living communities. 

The program aims to predictive healthcare more accessible to post-acute facilities to improve staff efficiencies, prevent falls in older adults, increase census, and see a reduction in annual insurance claims.

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