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VirtuSense Insights: Healthcare Workers

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VSTBalance: Through the Eyes of a Therapist

What do therapists think about VirtuSense’s fall-risk assessment solution, VSTBalance? Some accept this innovative technology with open arms, while others are hesitant. Why is..

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Stopping the Nursing Burnout Cycle with AI

Sustainable staffing is the topic of the hour for most healthcare organizations, particularly for nursing teams. Without replacement levels of new nursing graduates and a mass..

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Positioning Healthcare Organizations for the Future

Here's a brief Q&A round-up from this informative session presented at the NEXT Summit on August 5, on tackling short- and long-term goals in healthcare organizations. 

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Strategies to Alleviate Today’s Clinical Challenges 

The first panel at the NEXT Summit on August 5, focused on how clinical leaders can overcome the many challenges facing their teams including understaffing, improving and..

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The Telenursing Revolution: Bringing Specialized Nursing to All

There are rarely one-size-fits-all solutions in the medical industry. Specificity is often the key to optimal care, and nurse specialization is an important factor in achieving..

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The Telenursing Revolution: Starting a New Nursing Gig Economy

Becker’s Hospital Review reported in October of 2021 that 18% of healthcare workers quit their job during the pandemic and 79% stated that the worker’s shortage has impacted their..

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An AI Solution to Nursing Alarm Fatigue and Decision Fatigue

Hospitals are alarm-heavy environments, and for a good reason: lifesaving events are taking place every day. But when alarms transform into a constant din of background noise,..

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Healthcare Workers Victims of Violence at Work

Unfortunately, violence in the healthcare setting seems to be a growing epidemic, to the point that it’s become commonplace. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines workplace..

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