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Start 2022 with AI in your Healthcare Tools

Rose Watson Jan 2, 2022 10:00:00 AM
photo of a calendar in the month of January and a pair of glasses.

It’s officially 2022! While we start a new year with new goals, it’s the perfect time to launch upgraded technology systems for your healthcare community. Artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare is unlocking new potential in all types of healthcare teams. No matter if you’re optimizing a skilled nursing community, a physical therapy office, or a hospital system, VirtuSense has AI-powered healthcare systems designed to bring your process into the future and help you move from reactive treatment to proactive treatment. 

AI for General Practice and Physical Therapy  

VSTBalance is a revolutionary tool for long-term fall prevention in older adults and during injury recovery. Using infrared sensors, VSTBalance takes a two-minute diagnostic to precisely measure clinical risk factors for falls. Once complete, the system calculates a definitive risk-factor percentage and assists clinicians and therapists to track progress with assigned therapies.  

Find out more about VSTBalance 

AI for Long-Term Care and Skilled Nursing  

Long-term care communities can also use VSTBalance to track how steady independent residents are on their feet. Regular check-ins with the tool can help determine who is exhibiting early signs of fall risk and provide support. And for those populations where more comprehensive nursing is necessary,  VSTAlert is the #1 fall prevention system and helps unlock a care team's potential. Efficiently manage your floor team from one central screen, and never miss a potential fall with infrared sensors that alert your team 30-65 seconds before it happens. The two systems work together to provide total population coverage for long- and short-term fall reduction, keeping your community safe.  

Learn more about VSTAlert 

AI for Hospitals and Acute Care 

VSTOne is a full-suite, acute care system covering fall prevention, telemetry, remote patient monitoring, telehealth, and floor management. This advanced artificial intelligence system takes over monitoring tasks, allowing nursing teams to proactively avoid negative health events. VSTOne offers predictive fall alerts 30-65 seconds in advance, 24/7 vitals monitoring with instant alerts for aberrations, easily integrated telehealth capability to increase patient/doctor facetime, and floor management tools that allow your team to work deftly in challenging situations.   

See how VSTOne can elevate your potential.  

Start 2022 with upgraded systems for upgraded healthcare. Start 2022 with AI.