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AI for Healthcare

Adwika Narain Oct 6, 2022 12:26:00 PM

As we wrapped up the moderated panels at NEXT Summit, we got a surprise treat in the form of a crash course on artificial intelligence by our very own Deepak Gaddipati. This thought-provoking discussion began with a simple enough question – what do we really know about AI? Is it just a buzzword that’s lost its meaning? Does it mean that robots are going to take over the world? Well…maybe someday, but for now our founder believes that it will change what work looks like and allow new heights of patient care– if we adapt to it, that is.


What is AI?

Deepak began by explaining how AI and deep learning models are essentially inspired by biological neurons that carry electrical impulses to the brain. Similar to how our brains are set up, an AI inputs data into an artificial neuron and runs it through a function that triggers an output based on the trends in the data. An AI builds pathways by sorting through large amounts of data to learn what is normal from what is abnormal– this is what is known as machine learning.


How does VirtuSense use AI?

Our sensors take in a lot of data that runs through a complex neural network. We use high-resolution, depth-sensitive LIDAR technology in our sensors, so they can map out the exact distances between objects. The AI identifies the differences between the patient, the bed, the chair, and what they are all doing in relation to each other. VSTOne also has very strong sound capabilities and orientation sensors, all of which help monitor a patient without infringing on their privacy. Most other patient monitoring companies use video feeds or infrared because they lack the capability to process the large amounts of data that LIDAR produces. However, VirtuSense engineers have developed AI models that can sift through the data locally on the VSTOne system without adding strain to the network. We do not transmit continuous data allowing for better security for you and privacy for your patients.


At VirtuSense we believe in continuous development and constant innovation, we currently have many ideas in the works.

If you are interested in collaborative opportunities, please reach out for a Demo of VSTOne!


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