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What is AI? An Introduction to Healthcare AI with Deepak Gaddipati

Madison Schwindenhammer Jan 1, 2022 2:12:00 PM


What is AI?

What is AI and how is it used in our daily lives? Founder and CTO Deepak Gaddipati explains how there's more AI in the world than you might think. 


AI in Healthcare 

While AI is around us every day with tools like Siri and Google, how can artificial intelligence help us in the healthcare space?  


Emerging Technology 

AI has played a part in many of today's healthcare discoveries, most recently the COVID-19 vaccines. 


AI and Patient Care 

AI can streamline hospital processes for everything from preventing sepsis to ensuring patients get the right lunch. Advanced technology can bring patients better care.


AI and Staffing

Today's staffing crisis is at the forefront of the healthcare industry. AI is helping support overextended staff by eliminating alarm fatigue and inefficiency. 


Is AI Secure? 

AI technology allows monitoring systems to operate with privacy built-in, unlike solutions like virtual sitters. Systems that remove the need for cameras put patient privacy first. 


AI and Infrastructure 


Often, new technology needs considerable support from organizational IT infrastructure to succeed, and often this can be a roadblock to using new tools. VirtuSense solutions are uniquely designed to operate without taxing its local network. 


Telemedicine and Telemetry 


Telemedicine has expanded widely over the last several years. But what does telemedicine encompass, and how do telemetry tools play in? 


Proactive Healthcare

VirtuSense is dedicated to advancing proactive healthcare delivery for all because it creates better outcomes for patients, care providers, and payers. 

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