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“Squid Game” Christmas Tree Shows-Off AI Technology

Rose Watson Dec 22, 2021 9:26:07 AM

During an office Christmas tree decorating contest, VirtuSense’s Engineers took their tree to the next level by programming an automated game of Red-Light, Green-Light as part of their tree, in reference to the wildly popular Korean television show Squid Game. While the VirtuSense tree has far less deadly consequences than the show version, it demonstrates how VirtuSense uses its AI to prevent falls in older adults all over the country.  

The system’s infrared sensor was placed at the base of the tree, with a screen showing how the AI detects the player’s movements. The player prompts the game to begin via a voice command, and tries to walk toward the tree only when green lights are flashing. On a red light, the player must freeze, and any movement picked up by the AI means disqualification. Make it to the tree without losing balance, and the prize box opens for a candy reward!  

Are you ready for a game of Red-Light, Green-Light?🚦 

While the pop-culture demo is a lot of fun, the technology behind it is changing healthcare for the better. VirtuSense's mission is to develop innovative technology that creates proactive healthcare practices and prevents falls in older adults. Falling is one of the top causes of severe injury in older adults and is often connected to long-term health decline. VirtuSense’s flagship product, VSTBalance, detects fall risk indicators up to a year in advance with a 2-minute diagnostic, allowing doctors and physical therapists to target the causes of unsteadiness before a fall occurs and track improvement over time.  

VirtuSense strives to solve problems using innovative solutions and creative thinking, and a Squid Game Christmas tree shows just how creative those solutions can be. (And the Engineering team certainly won the tree decorating contest.)  

Happy Holidays from the VirtuSense team!