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How Does AI Elevate Long-Term Care Communities?

Rose Watson Dec 17, 2021 8:30:00 AM
Purple Banner reading: AI Elevates Long-Term Care over a picture of a nurse helping a older man stand

Long-term care is the marathon to acute care’s hundred-meter dash. Giving your team the right tools to provide top-tier care 24/7 is vital to maintaining a safe, healthy, and happy long-term care (LTC) community. Managing and maintaining an efficient floor can be a complex job in the best of times and even more so when faced with staff shortages and periods of growth. VSTAlert is an AI healthcare system that prevents falls and centralizes floor management. See how VSTAlert can unlock new potential for your LTC team. 

1. Entire floor/community management from one central screen  

Managing a nursing team effectively is vital to providing the best care for residents. VSTAlert collects all the data you need and sends alerts directly to clinical staff members’ phones and the central console, so  team members get to rooms before a fall occurs. In a glance administrators have the status of their floor and where the most assistance is needed, allowing for more effective care teams overall and an 85% reduction in falls. 

2. Improved emergency response from staff  

Preemptive alerting allows teams to jump into action when every second matters. When a potential fall is detected, VSTAlert sends a notice to the assigned staff  as well as the central console. If there isn’t a timely response, the system will automatically escalate to team members on the whole floor. First level alerts help minimize team-wide alarm fatigue by only calling on staff assigned to those rooms—escalated alerts ensure that every emergency has an immediate response.  

3. Enhanced marketing message with innovative technology  

The senior housing market for LTC and skilled nursing communities is crowded and competitive. Safety has become a top priority for potential residents and their family members, so it’s more important than ever to promote your fall prevention program. Unlike other systems on the market, VSTAlert is technology that prevents falls in the moment, instead of detecting falls after the fact. The VirtuSense marketing team can provide you with all the resources you need to promote the effectiveness of the technology and your community’s commitment to keeping its residents safe and healthy.   

4. Personalized experience with the VirtuSense Support team  

Your team has enough to handle, so we’ve made installation and set-up easy, and we provide hands-on training that gets everyone up to speed quickly. And if you do run into an issue, your dedicated VirtuSense Support team member is just a call away. We also provide a library of teaching tutorials, so training new team members or doing a refresh is easy. The VirtuSense ecosystem of products is always being updated, so your system will always be at peak performance.  

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