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VirtuSense Insights

Informative content for healthcare professionals covering topics ranging from fall prevention to telehealth to remote patient monitoring.

a patient connects with a nurse via a laptop computer

Rebalancing the Care Workload with Virtual Nursing Teams

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Fall Prevention and Analysis Together—Not One Or The Other

Falls are a major concern for many older adults, not only because of the risks of physical injury, but also due to the potential impact on their independence and quality of life...

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8 Client Accomplishments in 2022 with VirtuSense 

A partnership with VirtuSense means more than just innovative fall prevention. This year, many of our clients have been recognized in the industry for their innovative approach to..

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Early Decision-Making in Therapy with VSTBalance

Physical therapy decisions are driven by data points. Each new data point brings a therapist closer to their patient's diagnosis, but the question is—how many data points does a..

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VirtuSense Partners with K&B Underwriters

We are excited to announce a new partnership between VirtuSense Technologies and K&B Underwriters. On September 1st, 2022, K&B launched their new CareAgents program for post-acute..

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Cover Unstaffed Hours with AI During the Nursing Shortage

The undeniable–and damaging–nursing shortage across the healthcare industry is leaving providers wondering one blaring question: “Is there an end in sight?”

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VSTBalance: Through the Eyes of a Therapist

What do therapists think about VirtuSense’s fall-risk assessment solution, VSTBalance? Some accept this innovative technology with open arms, while others are hesitant. Why is..

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AI for Healthcare

As we wrapped up the moderated panels at NEXT Summit, we got a surprise treat in the form of a crash course on artificial intelligence by our very own Deepak Gaddipati. This..

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Surveying Fall Prevention Innovation: Fall Prevention Week 2022

This National Fall Prevention Awareness Week, we wanted to hear from the acute healthcare community on fall prevention trends. After the results were tallied, it’s clear to say..

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