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VirtuSense Insights: Videos

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The Virtual Nursing Revolution

Healthcare is modernizing with more connective technology than ever. Seamless telehealth integration in every hospital room gives doctors more time with patients, makes specialist..

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VSTOne and the Nursing Shortage

VSTOne provides a toolkit for nurses that increases potential and unlocks efficiency. With intuitive floor management, predictive alerting, virtual nursing, and 24/7 monitoring..

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VirtuSense: A Great Place to Work

Proud to be a 2021 certified Great Place to Work, the VirtuSense team knows how to celebrate, and when to get back to business.

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A Squid Game Christmas Tree

During an office Christmas tree decorating contest, our Engineers took their tree to the next level by programming a game of Red-Light, Green-Light as part of their tree. This..

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VirtuSense at Montgomery Place

COVID-19 impacted senior living communities particularly hard. Montgomery Place shared how they tackled the challenge by pulling together like never before and using VirtuSense..

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What is VSTBalance?

Introducing the ecosystem that started it all. See what makes VSTBalance different and how one system can change one person's fall risk, a group's fall risk, and a community's..

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What is VSTOne?

This turnkey solution for acute care creates a technology safety net for busy nursing teams. See how VSTOne can support your hospital to do more.

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What is VSTAlert?

Introducing VSTAlert: a system that detects falls 30-60 seconds before they occur using predictive artificial intelligence. See how VSTAlert can get your team to the right place..

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