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Putting Fall Prevention in Good Hands

AI That Cares Beside You

Predictive alerting and fewer false alarms means that your staff can provide personalized care to more residents in the midst of staffing shortages. Alert staff of bed-exits 31–65 seconds before residents get up with 98% accuracy.

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Falls and Your Five Star Rating 

Did you know that falls can impact your quality score up to one year after they occur? Low quality scores not only harm your marketability, and also your revenue flow—not to mention the trust of your residents. By using AI, we're reducing fall numbers by an average of 75% in skilled nursing.

Keep your quality ratings high by keeping your fall numbers low with VSTAlert.

Just In Time—Every Time.

Every second counts in busy nursing environments. In a time of staffing shortages, keeping your fall prevention strategies efficient is paramount. In skilled nursing, care teams use VSTAlert to inform time sensitive decisions and arrive at the side of high-risk residents the moment they need them most.

Protected doesn't have to mean undignified. 

When residents are feeling vulnerable in recovery, the last thing they want is an invasive camera monitoring them. Put the minds of your residents and their families at ease with infrared monitoring. AI monitoring detects movement but won't pick up information like faces or sounds. Opt for dignified protection.

Meet Lola

Virtual Rounding with AI Every 30 Seconds

Following an intense surgery to repair a hip fracture, Lola is at high risk for falls while she recovers in skilled nursing. The community uses VSTAlert to monitor Lola for falls when she tries to exit her bed.  

Lola makes great progress over the next few weeks, but rehabilitation is hard. One evening, she wakes up feeling dizzy. Confused, she starts to get out of bed, but hears a voice from the sensor on the wall. "Please wait for a team member."

Just a few seconds later, a nurse arrives. In no time, Lola is back to herself and settles into a restful evening. The nurse notes that she was doing rounds several rooms down and wouldn't have gotten to Lola until after she fell without VSTAlert. 

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96% Reduction in Falls with Injury at Friendship Village

Group 246

80% Reduction in Falls at John Knox Village

“The right type of fall prevention strategy in tech is critical, especially when dealing with workforce challenges. VSTAlert is accurate and only notifies staff when there is a fall risk. Far too many systems set off false alarms which creates extra work.”

Pat O’Leary | Chief Strategy Officer at Short-term Skilled Care at The Deery Suites, Western Home Communities, Cedar Falls, IA

“VSTAlert is a real game changer in fall reduction. Our initial results using this technology have been truly remarkable."

Dr. Daniel Rexroth | President & CEO | John Knox Village, Lee’s Summit, MO

“VSTAlert cut down on PPE and it eliminated the nurses’ concern about going room-to-room to check on residents. All the information they need is right in their pockets, on their smartphones.”

Florence Kabia-Williams | Director of Nursing at UMC at The Shores, NJ

"We only have VSTAlert installed in rooms of residents at the highest risk for falls, so when an alert is sent, the staff know that is the highest priority and they need to respond quickly. It gives staff peace of mind knowing they have that extra layer of fall prevention for the high fall risk residents."

Karen Nelson, RN, BSN | VP of Clinical Services at Larksfield Place Retirement Communities, Inc., Wichita, KS

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