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VSTBalance is AI that Assists

Emily Potts Oct 4, 2021 9:42:00 AM

VirtuSense Technologies (VST) accelerates predictive insights allowing physicians, caregivers, and families to be proactive and patient-centric through an ecosystem of artificial intelligence, data, and innovative sensors.

VSTBalance is an automated fall-risk assessment tool that empowers a preventative approach to care.

The system uses artificial intelligence and machine vision to objectively identify deficits in balance, gait, and function in older adults—the three leading indicators of fall-risk. It can measure the precise risk of a fall in the next 12 months and provide objective data to therapists to create more effective care plans. 

Assessments are simple and fast. They can be done in under two minutes and they don’t require a large footprint—12 x 4 feet is all the space you need. In fact, the VSTBalance system is portable, so you can take it to residents and perform the assessments in or near their rooms.



AI THAT ASSISTS ___________.


Older adults by giving them a quantitative mobility assessment to determine if they are at risk of falling and provides guidelines and exercises to help them improve their balance. The VSTWell app gives seniors real-time access to their data, which motivates and increases engagement in wellness programs. The app can be downloaded directly to their smartphones and tablets.


PCPs, therapists, and CCRC administrators to manage population health and keep older adults healthier and mobile longer. View your whole community’s risk on one screen, and conduct routine evaluations to identify fall-risk and create clinical pathways for Low, Medium, and High-Risk residents. With the VSTBalance Cloud Dashboard, track each individual’s journey as they travel through the continuum of care. Learn who’s at risk, why they’re at risk, and whether or not they’re improving.

Families by keeping their loved ones safe through routine assessments and wellness programs to improve their mobility. VSTBalance’s assessments provide guidance.

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