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VSTAlert is AI that Assists

VirtuSense Oct 5, 2021 9:43:00 AM

VirtuSense Technologies (VST) accelerates predictive insights allowing physicians, caregivers, and families to be proactive and patient-centric through an ecosystem of artificial intelligence, data, and innovative sensors.

Our ecosystem of assistive AI technology predicts and prevents falls.

VSTAlert is a 24/7 real-time monitoring platform that uses artificial intelligence to identify and alert staff of bed and chair exits before they happen.

Rather than alerting staff after a resident has already left their bed (which is too late), it recognizes a resident’s intent 30–65 seconds before they get up. The system’s AI is over 98% accurate, sending only 0.5 false alerts per day. The VSTAlert platform was developed with over 1.5 million hours of machine learning data with a goal of replacing bed alarms and extending room monitoring capabilities without the need for someone to continuously watch a video monitoring screen.



Caregivers so they can care for those who need it most when they need it. The real-time monitoring cuts down on routine rounding, and because VSTAlert is 98% accurate, caregivers aren’t wasting their time and energy responding to false alarms.


Residents by seamlessly protecting them from falls by predicting a bed or chair exit 30-65 seconds before they get up. VSTAlert knows the difference between someone shifting positions versus attempting to leave their bed, so there are 95% fewer false alarms.


Families and gives them peace of mind knowing their loved one has another layer of protection against falls.


At VirtuSense, we believe the best approach to stopping a fall is to prevent it altogether. It’s 98% accurate which means fewer false alarms and fewer falls so your staff can care for those who need it most when they need it.

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