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Healthcare is Shifting to the Cloud

Adam Meyer Aug 19, 2021 9:36:00 AM

To keep up with the rapidly changing pace in technology and innovation, healthcare pivoted to online consumption, storage, and sharing of data and information. Healthcare is not only becoming a leader for change, but also a prime example of how cloud computing is impacting hospitals and providers in a positive way. 

Health IT Outcomes surveyed healthcare organizations and 35% of them store and hold more than 50% of data and infrastructure in the cloud. Compared to other industries, healthcare is the furthest along with cloud adoption, using it to be more efficient, streamline workflows, lower delivery expenses, and offer care plan personalization.  

The Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is impacting healthcare positively in several ways: 

  • It Lowers Expenses: Cloud storage has no up-front charges. Hospitals and providers pay for what they use and do not need to buy servers and hardware outright. 
  • Simple Information Exchange: Patient data can be readily distributed and gives insight into care delivery and planning. It also allows for information to be shared with different segments and stakeholders. 
  • Efficient and Detailed Analytics: Significant patient data is collected and calculated within the cloud. Application of analytics and artificial intelligence algorithms power medical research and easily process large sets of data. 
  • The Patients Owns Their Data: Cloud computing gives patients control over their health information and increases their participation. Records can be archived and retrieved while providing information that educates and engages them. Backups are automated and security becomes more reliable. 
  • Utilizes Telemedicine: The cloud offers a massive advantage in remote data access. It can improve multiple healthcare resources (including telemedicine) and improve access to healthcare services. Telemedicine apps make delivery more convenient as the cloud allows easy sharing of data and treatments that improve patient experience. 


VSTBalance Cloud is the Solution

VSTBalance offers support as an automated fall-risk assessment tool for preventative care while VSTBalance Cloud lends a hand as a supporting resource. VSTBalance Cloud allows you to view your entire community’s risk on one screen and gives you the ability to track everyone's journey as they travel through the continuum of care. You can learn who is at risk, why they are at risk, and whether their health is improving or not. 

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