Keep Residents Healthy and Happy Longer

AI that Assists

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help residents age in place gracefully. Routine assessments with VSTBalance track residents’ mobility and provide guidelines to stay healthy. For those who require a higher level of care, VSTAlert’s predictive AI notifies staff 30-65 seconds before a resident gets up, so they have time to assist them and prevent a fall.  

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Manage Population Health   

  • Conduct routine evaluations to identify fall risk and create clinical pathways for Low, Medium, and High-Risk residents.
  • Create more effective care plans and route residents to personalized exercises, wellness, and therapy. 
  • Predict and prevent falls for those most at risk. 


Fall Prevention is Predictive

Manage fall risk before it causes injury.

​Follow Joseph as he interacts with VirtuSense at every twist and turn of his healthcare journey​. After suffering a stroke, Joseph gets regular assessments with VSTBalance and tracks his progress with VSTWell. When he becomes a fall risk, VSTAlert provides real-time monitoring to prevent him from falling. 


“As a therapist it’s amazing how we can find out so much data in less than two minutes. Whereas before we did the same tests, it was all with line of sight. VSTBalance captures precise measurements that I can’t see, in a very short amount of time.”

Courtney Lilley | PTA at Menno Haven, Brookview, PA

“VSTBalance gives us the ability to screen our residents and prescribe them a wellness program to prevent a future fall, which allows us to keep them in the lowest level of care for as long as possible.”

Carmen Fronczak | Chief Strategy Officer at Friendship Village, St. Louis

“If we were to physically measure someone’s gait speed, we had to set up an area in the gym and we had to have timers, which leaves a lot of room for human error. VSTBalance eliminates that.”

Rebecca Royle | Physical Therapist at Brookestone Gardens, Kearney, Nebraska

Why is VSTBalance important?

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80% Reduction in Falls at Larksfield Place with VSTBalance & VSTAlert