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Fall Prevention Isn't One Size Fits All

Let's get personal.

Each resident's health journey looks a little different. You can provide proactive fall prevention at every risk level with VirtuSense's Fall Prevention Ecosystem. 

Prevention in Recreation 

Active residents are happier, stronger, and more willing to take initiative toward their mobility. Motivate residents with VSTBalance, a fall-risk assessment tool that gives therapists and residents a clear view into their mobility deficiencies and provides a clear path forward for improvement. Therapists have never had such quick, accurate data at their fingertips to inform decisions in therapy.

Prevention in Routine

VSTAlert gives residents the freedom of routine. Customize your fall prevention monitoring with VSTAlert by setting the sensor's mode depending on individual risk-level. Fall Prevention and Fall Detection modes can be easily toggled between, and set for different times of the day in accordance with each resident's daily routine.

Prevention in Recovery 

VSTAlert, a predictive AI sensor, takes bedside monitoring to a whole new level. By analyzing a resident's movements, VSTAlert predicts up to one minute before they try to exit their bed, which gives care staff time to be there incase of a fall. Staff receive alerts on mobile devices or on a console at the nurse's station. From there, teams can coordinate and reach residents at the most important moments.

Group 244 (2)

96% Reduction in Falls with Injury at Friendship Village

Group 249

80% Reduction in Falls at Larksfield Place with the VirtuSense Ecosystem

Meet Arthur

Monitoring fall-risk at every level of care

Arthur has been living independently for the last several years, but he chooses to move into Maple Oaks, a CCRC in his town, after his grown children move out of state. He's healthy and active for his age. 

While at Maple Oaks, his therapist preforms a fall-risk assessment with him using VSTBalance. Arthur is surprised to find out he is classified at medium fall risk, since he prides himself in staying active. 

Several months later, Arthur learns he needs a hip replacement. After surgery, he becomes a high fall risk, but Maple Oaks uses VSTAlert in his room to prevent bedside falls. The care staff are able to assist him when the system senses a bed exit so he stays protected while recovering. 

Once fully recovered, Arthur is able to regain his independence, but still returns monthly for a rescreen on VSTBalance to make sure his fall-risk stays as low as possible. He feels confident in his mobility is able to consciously improve his quantitative fall-risk report.

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