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It's Time to Lead the Pack in Innovative Fall Prevention

Innovating today creates safer patients tomorrow. VSTOne offers a solution that will grow with your organization and transform healthcare delivery from reactive to proactive. Achieve safer patients, streamlined workflows, and better quality with the next step in fall prevention. 


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VSTOne: the Next Evolution of Fall Prevention 

This innovative fall prevention solution uses artificial intelligence (AI) to achieve automated 24/7 patient monitoring for truly proactive patient safety. Using specially trained artificial intelligence, VSTOne provides patient monitoring that outperforms telesitters in accuracy and efficiency. 

  • No increase in staffing needed 
  • Round-the-clock monitoring 
  • More cost-effective than telesitters

Plus, VSTOne is built to grow with your organization. New features like tele-health and telemetry are just around the corner. 

Start your innovation journey today with VSTOne. 
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