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Service Descriptions

VirtuSense Apr 3, 2020 10:16:11 AM


These Service Descriptions, together with the applicable Order and Terms of Service available at:, form the “Agreement” applicable to the Services to which you have subscribed. We reserve the right to update these Service Descriptions from time to time without notice to you. Except as otherwise set forth in the Terms of Service, your continued access to and use of the Services will indicate your acceptance of the then-current Terms of Service.

Last Updated: May 31, 2020


General Information & Definitions

Use Levels. Use Levels means the model by which we measure, price and offer the Services as set forth on the applicable price list, Order, and/or Service Description. You are responsible for designating and managing your Users and their use of the Services in accordance with the Agreement and the Use Levels set forth in the Order and/or the Service Descriptions. Each User must have a unique Named User ID that may not be shared among Users. The IT Administrator may reassign a reasonable number of Users from time to time, and following any reassignment the previously designated User shall no longer be entitled to access the Service without incurring additional Fees. We reserve the right to review your usage, in our sole discretion, determine if you are exceeding the appropriate Use Levels, and: (i) suspend your access to the Services; (ii) terminate the Service; and/or (iii) invoice you for actual usage. Should we suspect that any User information is not accurate, current or complete, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate your or your User’s usage of the Services.

Definitions. All terms not otherwise defined herein shall have the meanings set forth elsewhere  in the Agreement. For any conflict between these Service Descriptions and the terms in any other component of the Agreement, the terms below control for the applicable Service only.

  • IT Administrator can add or delete NAU and Schedulers. IT Administrators do not count towards a User subscription of Services.
  • Scheduler means an individual you designate who manages the schedules and assigns NAUs to patients. Schedulers do not count towards a User subscription of Services.
  • Administration Center means a portal for IT Administrators that provides end-user and account-management tools, and a centralized control for administration and deployment of the Service.
  • Company means VirtuSense Technologies, Inc.
  • Content means any files, documents, and other information belonging to you, users or others that may be uploaded to your account for storage and/or as used, presented or shared with third parties in connection with the Service.
  • Named Authorized User, NAU means those designated individuals who may access and use the Services in accordance with the Agreement. Each NAU must have a Named User ID. Designated individuals may include, by way of example, clinicians with whom you transact business as designated by an IT Administrator. NAUs count towards a User subscription of Services.
  • Named User ID means the unique identifier of each designated individual authorized to use the Services. A Named User ID must be unique and may not be of a generic nature (e.g., is a unique Named User ID; whereas, or are examples of generic user identifiers).
  • User means, individually or collectively, NAU.

Customer and Technical Support. Support is available by calling (855) 443-5744, ext. 1 or emailing

Training. We may make available to you online training sessions for individuals who are Named Authorized Users or authorized by you to access the Services. Additional fees may apply.

Privacy Policy. Unless otherwise noted in the applicable Service Description, the Privacy Policy located at applies.

Additional Services: For Services no longer available for purchase, the Service Description last applicable to such Service shall apply.


Communications & Collaboration

VSTConnect is an online communication service that enables Users to easily, securely, and cost-effectively schedule, convene, interact, and moderate meetings using a rich set of features which varies by Service offering and may include: video conferencing and integrated audio. The Services are delivered via web browser, mobile application, or client executable file, through a globally distributed network of proprietary hardware and software, hosted and operated by VirtuSense Technologies, its affiliates, and partners. For purposes of these Services an NAU is an authorized user of the Services who can initiate Services and invite Attendees (each NAU must have an associated Named User ID) and an Attendee is an individual who is invited by the NAU to attend a meeting or Event.

  • Reasonable Use Policy. VSTConnect Services plans are offered on an 100% clinical efficiency use that is calculated as 22 business days per month x 8 hours per day = 176 hours of conferencing per month. If the NAUs exceed this quota, there will be an additional $1.00/hour prorated overage fee rounded to the nearest hour.
  • Term. The Initial Term for the VSTConnect Services may be either monthly or annual, based on the period associated with the Services purchased when you place your order.  The Initial Term begins on the date VSTConnect activates Services for your Account and will renew for a period equal to the Initial Term thereafter until terminated by either party pursuant to the terms below.
  • Fees. Fees will be charged either in advance or in arrears, as set forth herein. Fees charged in advance include recurring charges such as Service plan charges (including any related taxes or fees that are permitted to be charged in advance), add-ons and upgrades, and non-recurring charges (e.g. one-time charge(s) or fees). Fees charged in arrears include usage charges (e.g. overages), long distance and directory assistance charges, and taxes and surcharges (e.g. Telecommunications Sales Tax, FCC Regulatory Fee, Regulatory Recovery Fees, and Federal Universal Service Fund (USF)).
    • Except where prohibited by applicable law, the Company may charge a monthly Regulatory Recovery Fee in connection with any telephony services provided to Customers within the United States to offset costs incurred by the Company in complying with inquiries and obligations imposed on the Company by federal, state, municipal and/or other regulatory bodies and government agencies. This fee is not a tax or charge required or assessed by any government.  Regulatory Recovery Fees are presented as separate line-item on invoices, and the initial rates will be set forth in any quote for Services. The Company may increase or decrease the regulatory recovery fee without notice.
  • Default and Termination. You may terminate the VSTConnect Service in accordance with the Terms of Service and by providing notice of termination by contacting the Company’s Billing Department at, and upon receipt of ticket, VSTConnect will generate a cancellation ticket to cancel your Account and will email you a cancellation ticket number to confirm the Company’s receipt of your termination notice. Termination requests will be fulfilled within 1 business day, with cancellation to be effective in accordance with the notice of cancellation requirements in the Terms of Service. If you do not receive a cancellation ticket number, termination notice may not have been received by the Company, and you should contact Customer Support at 1-855-443-5744, ext. 0 to verify the generation of a cancellation ticket number. Because minutes are paid in arrears, a final payment for minute usage will be processed on your next billing date after termination. Following termination of the Company’s Services, you shall have no right to receive, and the Company will have no obligation to forward any unread or unsent messages to you or any third party. The Company may require reactivation charges to renew Services after termination or suspension. Upon termination, you are responsible for paying all undisputed amounts and charges owing under this Agreement. Past due balance on previous or multiple accounts will be charged the full balance due upon opening a new account or updating your credit or debit card on file.




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