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Making Healthcare with Danielle Siarri

Madison Schwindenhammer Apr 26, 2022 2:41:48 PM
Making Healthcare brand banner with pictures of Dr. Tom Hale and Danielle Siarri the InnoNurse

Danielle Siarri (AKA InnoNurse) is currently the lead publisher of InnoNurse, a forward-thinking health IT curation website reporting on news related to mHealth, eHealth, and nursing informatics. She is a Registered Nurse and also holds a Master’s of Science in Nursing Informatics. Siarri specializes in medical database innovation and management. She is proficient in data analysis in large clinical datasets and is a subject matter expert in clinical informatics, medical coding, and economics. Siarri worked in healthcare facilities of various size as an Advisor in Clinical Workflow and Adoption Coach. She is a clinical advisor, speaker, health IT advisor, and social media ambassador.


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