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Music Therapy for Older Adults

Emily Potts May 17, 2021 10:07:31 AM

Music, for the most part, brings out the best in people. Certain songs trigger long-forgotten memories that recall emotions of joy, sadness, love, and empathy. For this reason, older adults derive a lot of benefits from music therapy, especially those suffering from dementia and memory loss. 

Anthony Cirillo, a health, aging, and caregiving expert—and professional entertainer—has founded Sagestream, a network of mission-driven musicians, artists, and educators providing livestream and recorded content to older adults. “The mission of SageStream is to relieve senior isolation, foster intergenerational relationships, supplement content providers’ income (artists and educators), and enhance senior living activities by creating a virtual entertainment and education network that provides live stream and pre-recorded programming for older adults in all settings,” he explains. 

Offering a superior roster of worldwide talent, Sagestream offers a one-stop shop for anyone seeking activities for older adults. The network will offer a complete solution by partnering with internet providers to solve bandwidth and connectivity issues; tablet providers; and student and youth organizations who can assist older adults with connectivity, and provide socialization while fostering intergenerational relationships. 

For more information and to view the roster of upcoming events, visit

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