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AI For Healthcare

With all the challenges healthcare is facing, it's time for a change.

VirtuSense builds innovative processes powered by AI.

AI For

Staff shortages, patient outcomes, technological stagnation - With all the challenges healthcare is facing, it's time for a change.

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VSTOne in hospitals has

use cases with VSTOne

Senior living communities found


reduction in falls with injury with VSTAlert

AL/IL residents found up to


improved mobility with VSTBalance

AI that assists

Acute Care

VSTO I Small

VSTOne is used in Hospital settings for telehealth, autonomous in-room monitoring, data management and documentation, and remote patient care.

Post-Acute Care

VSTA I Small

VSTAlert is used in Skilled Nursing, Senior Living, and Memory Care settings to monitor rooms for potential falls. VSTBalance is used for proactive fall prevention.

Ambulatory and PCP

VSTB I Small

VSTBalance is used in Ambulatory and Primary Care settings to monitor mobility deficits for proactive fall prevention.


VSTBalance and Select Rehabilitation 

Select Rehabilitation has seen widespread success in using VSTBalance in tandem with the therapy services they provide to Senior Living Communities.

VSTAlert at John Knox Village

After their success with VSTBalance, John Knox Village implemented VSTAlert to reduce bedside falls in their community. 

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