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The Telenursing Revolution: Expanding Nursing in Hospitals with VSTOne  

Today’s nursing shortage crisis is impacting countless hospitals in the US and endangering our healthcare infrastructure. Technology offers the ability to bring telenursing into hospitals to support bedside teams and increase efficiency.

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Connect Patient Rooms to Telenurses with VSTOne

VSTOne connects patient rooms to caregivers through patient monitoring and telemetry, predictive fall prevention, and telehealth at the click of a button. Those telehealth options can spark new telenursing positions that support bedside care staff and build diverse nursing roles that reduce burnout.  

Increase Capacity
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Telenursing teams can reduce bottlenecks and slowdowns from admission and discharge processes.

Mentor New Staff
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New nursing graduates often need mentoring to flourish in bedside nursing. See how telenursing can create support.

Develop New Roles
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Burnout, family needs, injury and illness have pushed skilled nurses to leave healthcare. New, flexible roles entice them back.

Increase Specialization
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Many smaller hospitals can’t afford full-time specialized nurses. Telenursing brings consulting specialists anywhere.