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The Telenursing Revolution: Bringing Specialized Nursing to All

Rose Watson Jan 20, 2022 10:43:39 AM
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There are rarely one-size-fits-all solutions in the medical industry. Specificity is often the key to optimal care, and nurse specialization is an important factor in achieving the best outcomesToday’s nursing shortage is impacting the availability of specialization for hospitals, especially those in remote areas that may not have access to a large population of nurses, even in the best of timesAs highlighted in an article by the University of North Carolina Wilmington, rural hospitals are known for their jack-of-all-trades style nursing, which creates incredibly flexible and autonomous nurses with a rounded knowledge of many kinds of care. However, this style of nursing can also prevent a nurse from gaining in-depth knowledge of a particular specialty or create a lack of access to specialized providers when neededTelenursing can help bridge those gaps by bringing specialists into patient rooms for consultations and second opinions to supplement bedside nursing.  

With VSTOne’s telehealth featurespecialized telenurses can call directly into patient rooms for consultations and evaluations 

  • VSTOne is HIPAA-compliant for secure video and audio connection, and telenurses can direct the camera for the clearest view of the patient and in-person nurses  
  • It allows specialists to work with the local team to create an optimal care plan with the best information for rarer conditions or treatments
  • Bedside nurses can gain more one-on-one experience with specialists, ask questions, and clarify procedures  
  • The solution increases institutional knowledge within the hospital, ensuring that the most up-to-date practices are being used at hospitals that may not have robust ongoing training options  

Institutional knowledge is extremely valuable to hospitals, and the nursing shortage has seen many skilled clinicians fleeing the industry, taking their years of experience with them. By establishing methods to bring diverse knowledge and specialization back into organizations, better care can be delivered to patients no matter where they live. And because these specialists can be brought in on a consulting basis, hospitals can widen their scope of knowledge in a financially sustainable way. This is especially important for smaller or rural healthcare systems that often do not have the same resources that larger hospital systems do, but are still the primary option for care in their community.  

Technology has been a driving force in improving connectivity and efficiency in hospital systems. Continuing to choose technology that empowers clinicians to do and learn more will benefit patients and hospital systems alike.  

Read more about how flexible telenursing roles can bring skilled nurses back into healthcare. 

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